celebrate life..


Unconventional in the willful way..SINCES 1995.

Rachi Creations.. have continued to create the magic in colours and feelings, in its each unique stroke of paintbrush.

And this has been possible only because of the immense support and appriciation of "You", the Visitors. Indeed all this mean a lot. Also, before I forget, here is a heartily thanks to some of my very dear friends who are adorable critics, hence their thoughts are seriously heard and immplemented in my shetckes, which provokes me to explore more than that I have my expertise in. 

Please do not forget to write about your views on the paintings, in the guest-book.

Also go through the RACHI CREATIONS-1 ::Celebrate friendship:: to see more of original colors and feelings.

Hope u enjoy....

the ride in the creative world,

where colors speaks

and the silent thought

 behind each stroke is heard.

~love Rachana Shakyawar